Design 101 Redux – Week 4: My Diary

Monday 23/11


-A background for my diary. "Hold on to the thread/The currents will shift/Guide me towards you" {Oceans, Pearl Jam}


Tuesday 24/11


-A printed image on my diary background. {Hokusai's Great Wave}. "You don't have to stray/The oceans away/Waves roll in my thoughts" {Oceans, Pearl Jam}


Wednesday 25/11


-Adding some text to my digital diary. "Hold tight the ring/The sea will rise..." {Oceans, Pearl Jam}


Thursday 26/11


-A handwritten note in my digital diary.


Friday 27/11


-A final lucky charm in my digital diary. "The sea will rise... Please stand by the shore" {Oceans, Pearl Jam}


Week 4: My Diary – Recap