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2 January 2015
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2 January 2015
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Logo creation and web design for Chicchi d'Avorio.




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Chicchi d'Avorio

Chicchi d’Avorio (Grains of Ivory) creates websites for wedding days. The purpose of Chicchi d’Avorio is to ease wedding planning, using technology to facilitate tasks that would otherwise require a lot of time. Moreover, a website for the wedding day becomes a memory of a very special day, allowing the happy couple to preserve wonderful memories and revisit them over time.

I created logo and website for Chicchi d’Avorio. A little heart, made with two overlapping grains of rice, is the symbol of the logo; this is because of the Italian tradition of throwing rice on couples who just got married and therefore represents the love that unites a couple and the day of the wedding itsefl. The website is simple, with parallax effects, delicate imagery and four main pages.