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18 December 2016
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2 January 2015
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Defining Expo 2015 Wild Kiwani Dolean

Graphics for the Defining Expo 2015 project.




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Defining Expo 2015

The Defining Expo 2015 project starts from Expo’s words. Not only the 4 key-words which define its theme (“Food”, “Planet”, “Energy”, “Life”), but a selection of 140 terms taken from the event’s official documentation, from A to Z, from “Ability” to “Zootechnics”.

With the proposal of creating a collaborative visual dictionary that rearranges and gives these words a new, different, diverse meaning, through the contribution of international illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, painters, storytellers who will freely interpret each of these entries from their own point of view and poetics. A contemporary artistic mosaic, aiming at portraying the complexity of Expo’s themes (and of our whole world, actually) through the simplicity of image.

I decided to take part in the project and I chose the word Wild: I created a digital watercolor graphics where Wild is the killer whale swimming in the air, wild is a dip in a wooden ocean, wild is a soul concept that extends into the real world.