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2 January 2015
Chicchi d’Avorio — Logotype & Web Design
2 January 2015
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Branding and visual identity for the website Pole Dance Italy.


Valentina D'Amico




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Pole Dance Italy

Pole Dance Italy is the most important Italian website dedicated to Pole Dance. Created by Valentina D'Amico, it includes everything that revolves around Pole Dancing. My work was focused on the creation of a visual identity: Valentina requested a coordinated graphics, instantly recognizable and able to give the website a unique flair.

The message that Valentina wanted to pass was strength, desire to get involved and sensuality. First I chose a graphic palette and two fonts to be used in the entire branding. The restyling of the logo was quite subtle, with the use of a similar font and color and the addition of a geometric pattern.

Pole Dance Italy’s branding is based on geometric shapes (a square, a triangle, a hexagon, a rectangle and a circle) that represent the precision of Pole Dance and the rigor of this discipline. Each geometric shape has a distinctive color and is decorated with a pattern made of lines and dots — a clear reference to the pole.